Kazrog Synth Warmer v1.0.2-R2R

R2R | 19 Oct 2018 | Win: 16 MB | Mac: 53 MB

Classic Analog Filter / Saturator

Synth Warmer is an analog synth filter emulation based on the iconic 1970s monosynth ladder filter design, complete with overload distortion and self oscillation. Use to warm up your rude supersaws, add interest to drum loops, or create total sonic havoc as a sound design tool.


Classic Low and High Pass Filters
24 dB and 12 dB per octave topologies
Next-gen analog emulation based on a 1973 “model d” monosynth in the Kazrog studio
Drive circuit with +48 dB of gain on tap for the classic “jacked in” sound
Wet/dry blend


Fixed filter sweep stepping at higher sample rates / lower buffer settings.
Expanded range of Cutoff control down to 0 Hz while maintaining compatibility with older presets and sessions.
Lowered CPU usage for realtime operation. Always renders at max quality offline.
Resolved DC issues at higher sample rates.


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